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Fire and Accident Policy

Every school seeks to provide an environment that is safe, secure and conducive to learning. Having said that, accidents and mishaps can occur anytime anywhere. The social environment of a school is not immune to accidents and knowing that, Brainworks follows a very stringent fire and accident policy to minimize all such risks.

Fire Emergency

The evacuation of any building let alone a school with hundreds of pupils is a challenging task. The ability of a school to safely and efficiently evacuate its students and staff is dependent on good information, good discipline and regular practice. Brainworks Total group of schools is well prepared for any such unfortunate eventuality.

  • Brainworks complies with every Building and Fire Safety standards and is always at task with maintenance and upgrades to its structure and facilities.
  • The school is equipped with necessary fire deterrent installations in every floor and corner of its premises. The fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, fire hydrants, exit routes, physical markers, signs and symbols are all periodically checked and maintained for full functionality.
  • The school has a mandatory drill routine scheduled in its academic calendar every term. All staff members, both new and old are trained and briefed with existing and new protocols for fire emergencies.
  • It is mandatory for all students (exception for the physically challenged) to participate in the fire drill and learn safety measures. A log book is maintained to keep track of drill efficiency.
  • After evacuation to a designated safe zone and accountability procedures, the school security will assist professional emergency services.
  • Any indication of carelessness, vandalism or tampering found to be associated with the cause of fire will then be treated as arson and will be accordingly investigated through legal channels.

Accidents and Medical Emergencies

  • All school nurses at Brainworks are qualified. Most branches have nurses on site while a few have nurses on call.
  • The school maintains a stock of basic first aid kits and medicines for common ailments and illnesses.( cough, cold, headache, fever, stomach ache etcetera)
  • Cases of minor injuries like scrapes/bruises/superficial cuts will be treated by the nurse.
  • All other injuries and accidents which are not minor in nature like a fracture/deep cuts/scalding/repeated vomiting/sprains etcetera will be transferred to the nearest hospital. The school will immediately rush the child to the nearest hospital while the concerned Parent/Guardian will be informed simultaneously. The school follows a zero delay policy for hospital transfers. However, it must be understood that traffic snarls and busy phone lines are sometimes unavoidable.
  • The school does not administer any medication to a student unless otherwise specified, in writing, by the concerned parent/guardian.
  • The administering of care for a minor injury like a wound/cut/bruises etcetera is limited to the washing, cleaning and application of anti-septic to the affected area.
  • The school maintains a log file of all injuries and accidents- minor and major. Records of all incidents and events and the subsequent response/s are filed by the Medical Staff.
  • The school has the right to disallow a student from attending any class on grounds of suspected health hazard. If a student is found to have symptoms of any illness, communicable by nature such as foot and mouth, chicken pox, flu like symptoms etcetera, then the said student will be asked to seek medical help and recover completely from home until such time as deemed safe by a doctor.
  • Any student who endangers or creates conditions that alarm the health and safety of others in school-wilfully, in jest or intentionally is liable to be dismissed.