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Reaching Further and Exceeding Standards​

Secondary School at Brainworks–Total

Cambridge International Secondary School in Yangon, Myanmar.

Our secondary schools are purpose-built facilities where your son or daughter demonstrates their ability to reach further than their basic education in primary years. Theses schools have been designed to exhibit the best of our children’s talents, skills and abilities in all areas, and to challenge them to go beyond what is expected in many other schools. We encourage students to intellectually confront assumptions, think for themselves, arrive at creative solutions and constantly question the environment around them. This philosophy prepares students to go far into their chosen career and make significant contributions to their community.

Meet and Exceed Cambridge Standards
Sharpen Cognitive and Social Skills
Develop Curiosity and Respect for the World

Students Can Start Attending Secondary-1 at Age 12 and the Secondary Years Last for 6 Years Until Secondary-6 (A level year).

In Brainworks Secondary School, Your Child Will:

  • Apply knowledge to real-world situations
  • Learn to express themselves in respectful and intelligent ways
  • Practice big-picture thinking and problem solving
  • Develop communication skills across various mediums, such as writing, speaking, and visual display
  • Understand and employ effective use of technology
  • Increase their physical abilities with extra curricular activities
  • Learn research methodology and reporting
  • Develop creative and vocational skills
    Prepare for university

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