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    The Brainworks-Total learning philosophy of preschool education is a blend of personal and academic focus. Your child’s personal development is our primary concern. For this reason, children in our preschool classes know that they are safe, cared for and loved.  Having established a secure and nurturing environment, each child is able to explore, play, identify with their peers, begin to learn follow rules, be respectful of others and acquire the rudimentary skills of taking care of themselves and their environment.

    All our pre-schools are bright, clean and colorful. With lots of outings, events, presentations and excursions incorporated into our curriculum, your young child’s enquiring mind is continually stimulated.

    We realise that preschool children need to develop their motor skills with lots of hands-on practice which we provide. Physical development and coordination is targeted through co-curricular activities such as Physical Education, Wushu and Dance.

    Furthermore, there are educational toys and games to further develop their enquiring minds and an “early years” computer-based language program. In addition to our fluency lab for language learning, our children enjoy learning “early years” English and Chinese with native speakers.

    With around 800 preschoolers attending our various preschool canters which is by far the largest amount compared to other private international schools in Myanmar. Our children not only progresses with 3 languages from the beginning but also achieve at least 2 years higher reading levels as reading is our first and foremost priority at our preschools.

    Students can start attending preschool at age 2 and early childhood education lasts for 4 years.

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