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Making the Most of the Early Years

Preschool at Brainworks–Total

The Largest Private International Preschool in Yangon, Myanmar.

Parents have entrusted Brainworks-Total with around 800 young students because of our special blend of personal and academic focus. We believe the early years are some of the most important, so we create an environment that helps your child begin developing into a complete, well-rounded person. Your child will be able to explore, play, and connect with their peers while cultivating important skills.

Bright, Clean, and Colorful
Secure and Nurturing
Safe, Cared for, and Loved

Students Can Start Attending Preschool at Age 2 and Early Childhood Education Lasts for 4 Years.

In Brainworks Preschool, Your Child Will:

  • Increase their reading level by at least 2 years
  • Learn “early years” English and Chinese with native speakers
  • Develop motor skills with hands-on practice
  • Practice coordination with co-curricular activities such as Physical Education, Wushu and Dance
  • Learn to follow rules
  • Begin understanding how to care for themselves and their environment

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