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Cambridge Professional Development Centre

The Professional Development Centre at Brainworks

Teachers at Brainworks are students, too. We are a certified Cambridge Professional Development Centre, meaning that teachers at our school—and other schools in Myanmar—can benefit from rigorous training and learning of new teaching methodologies in a collaborative environment.

This program is fully supported by Cambridge University, so Brainworks teachers have a wealth of resources at their disposal. When you entrust your student to these teachers, you are entrusting them to a bright future.


The Cambridge Professional Development Centre at Brainworks covers four key teaching areas in its curriculum:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Educational Leadership
  • Teaching Bilingual Learners
  • Teaching with Digital Technologies

These aspects of teaching are key to the development and quality of our schools. These areas are all supported by Cambridge professional development curriculum, and teachers earn certificates and Diploma from the University of Cambridge after successfully completing their coursework.


The professional development programme involves at least 150 hours of training over four months, whereas the diploma programme needs 300 hours of learning and practice. The program employs a number of different learning styles, including guided learning, individual and group study, reflective practice and school-based learning.

Support from Cambridge

Brainworks receives total support from Cambridge to provide resources for teachers in the Professional Development Centre. Teachers in the programme are required to meet certain learning standards laid out by Cambridge. We are also connected to a network of Professional Development Centres around the globe and have the ability to share resources and experiences with one another for continued development of our programmes.

Skilled Teachers Inspire Students to Thrive

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