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Developing Tools for Life

Primary School at Brainworks–Total​

International Primary School in Yangon, Myanmar.​

The primary school age is a challenging and exciting season for students and their parents. Our program recognizes the inquisitive nature of these years and encourages children to think critically and creatively. We combine the fun of excursions, field trips, overnight camps, performances, and student-led assemblies with the robust academic instruction needed to prepare for testing and outscore other countries on all 3 key subjects.

Autonomy and Self Confidence
Academic Rigor and Critical Thinking
Teamwork and Collaboration

Students Can Start Attending Primary-1 at Age 6. The Primary Years Continue for 6 Years Until Primary-6.​

In Brainworks Primary School, Your Child Will:

  • Practice critical thinking in organised settings
  • Acquire academic planning skills
  • Learn to organise their time and the resources available to them
  • Begin to develop their own responses and solutions to problems and questions
  • Increase understanding of their culture, history and religion
  • Improve their brains and bodies with physical education, martial arts, dance, outdoor activities and playtime
  • Prepare for Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Examinations

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