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    As our students move to Primary School, it is a huge development step for them. Our academic program recognizes that this is a challenging, exciting age, and encourages the inquisitive nature of these years. During these critical years, a child develops the tools he/she will need throughout his/her life with our Primary Program. It is throughout these years that your child begins to learn critical thinking in organised settings. These are the years when children begin to acquire academic planning skills, learn to organize their time and the resources available to them.

    Brainworks- Total recognizes the student’s need for autonomy, validation, self-confidence and pride in these years. We foster multiple opportunities for self-actualization in hand with team-work and collaboration. Students begin to develop their own responses and solutions to problems and questions.

    Students continue to develop their brains and bodies with Physical Education, Martial Arts, Dance, outdoor activities and playtime. These years continue to be stimulating and rich with excursions, field trips, overnight camps, performances and student-led assemblies as well as enriching their lives with continued learning of their culture, history and religion.

    These years also see the curricular introduction of ICT, original and creative writing, Kindle readers and home assignments. Academic rigour and critical thinking increases in these years with the introduction of a rigorous testing schedule designed to prepare students early on for their Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Examinations.

    For years, our scores have been consistently higher in all 3 key subjects compared to averages scored in other countries where English is a second language. Additionally, at this level, German as a foreign language is also introduced to students.

    Students can start attending Primary-1 at age 6. The primary years continue for 6 years until Primary-6.

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