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Exceptional Learning for All Students

WISE Classes at Brainworks–Total

Weekend Courses for Public School Students in Southern and Central Myanmar.

The WISE curriculum is a weekend programme designed for Preparatory, Primary and Lower Secondary Levels and is available at multiple locations. This dynamic and comprehensive programme offers an international curriculum which enriches the student knowledge of English, Maths, Chinese, Science, ICT, and comprehensive reading techniques—taught completely in English for total language comprehension. Our classes and activities are experiential, engaging the mind and body equally. This combination enables students to showcase their talents, creativity, and analytical skills in every activity.


WISE classes are for Myanmar students who desire additional learning outside of public schooling.

In Brainworks WISE Classes, Your Child Will:

  • Showcase their talent and creativity.
  • Enrich their learning beyond the public school classroom.
  • Engage their mind and body equally.
  • Gain comprehensive reading techniques.
  • Gain comprehension in both English and Chinese.
  • Be exposed to an internationally-focused curriculum.

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