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Academics at Brainworks–Total

We Are A School that Puts Education and Engagement First.

The Brainworks-Total educational philosophy sets the Cambridge Benchmarks (Primary Checkpoint, Secondary Checkpoint, IGCSE and AS/A Level) as a standard. These benchmarks are achieved by using Cambridge Framework as the foundation (70% of the curriculum) and expanding this framework (30%) with international curriculum, field trips, project-based learning, and enrichment programs.

Alongside a robust, up-to-date education, your child will also benefit from extracurricular activities that inspire critical thinking and self-assurance.

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Curriculum at Brainworks

At Brainworks-Total, our curriculum is designed with the future in mind. We believe that it’s important to prepare our students for what lies ahead, and we conduct extensive global research to gather the best resources and techniques. We then optimize and maximize these resources to ensure that our students receive the most benefit. To guide our curriculum development, we follow six core principles:

By fostering a positive attitude towards learning, we aim to create motivation, engagement, and a growth mindset in our students.
Brainworks nurtures and instills a strong sense of vision and values in students which is crucial for their growth and success. These values provide them with direction a clear sense of purpose allowing them to make decisions aligned with their priorities.

At Brainworks, our curriculum design is focused on providing students with a well-rounded education that encompasses a diverse range of knowledge, skills, and information.

Intellect refers to a person’s mental ability such as the capacity to think, reason, and comprehend ideas which are complex including the thorough and profound conceptual understanding of any given concept.

Our program at Brainworks is designed to equip students with the abilities necessary for future success. Our objective is to foster lifelong learners who can think critically, communicate effectively, and manage their own learning.

Brainworks emphasizes action at all levels of education because it consolidates learning by doing. It enables students to apply their learning to address real-world problems. Action aids in information retention and can lead to creative and meaningful experiences.

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