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  • School Curriculum

    School Academics

    Our highly-qualified educators have the responsibility to make curricular choices that integrate academic excellence and student achievement.

    Brainworks-Total educational philosophy sets the Cambridge Benchmarks (Primary Checkpoint, Secondary Checkpoint, IGCSE and AS/A Level) as a standard. These benchmarks are achieved by using Cambridge Framework as the foundation (70% of the curriculum) and expanding this framework (30%) with international curriculum, field trips, project-based learning, and enrichment programs.

    Early Childhood Euducation

    Your child’s personal development is our primary concern, for this reason, children in our preschool classes know that they are safe and secure in our school environment.

    Primary Education

    The years when your children begin to acquire academic planning skills, learn to organize their time and their resources

    Secondary Education

    Arriving at the secondary level is a monumental and meaningful step for every student. This stage presents a growing awareness and sets in motion, an understanding of the world around them and their own place in it.

    Teaching Staff

    At Brainworks-Total Group of Schools, our staff unit is comprised of Myanmar (local) teachers and native speakers of English, Chinese and German from around the globe.