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The Very Best for Your Student

Brainworks’ Accreditations

Cambridge International School

The Cambridge international curriculum is a global standard recognised by over 2,200 of the world’s finest universities and colleges—including Harvard, MIT, and Cambridge. When your student earns Cambridge qualifications at Brainworks, they gain a reputation for academic excellence, informed curiosity, and hard work. Not only do these qualifications attract employers, they prepare your student for a well-rounded, successful life.

Cambridge Professional Development Centre

At Brainworks, we believe an investment in our teachers is an investment in our students. That’s why we’re proud to be certified as a Cambridge Professional Development Centre. This qualification develops our teachers according to the latest research and best practices in education. Our staff is trained to engage a bilingual classroom and empowered to help your students reach their full potential.

IB World School

The IB Diploma program prepares students for college, career, and life success. Its rigorous curriculum develops critical thinking, research skills, and a global perspective. Students become effective communicators, collaborators, and problem solvers. The program fosters empathy, intercultural understanding, and a holistic approach to learning. The Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge components deepen analytical and reflective abilities. Universities value the IB Diploma for its academic rigor and preparation for higher education. The program instills transferable skills like research, time management, and self-discipline, contributing to career success. Overall, the IB Diploma nurtures adaptable, culturally aware individuals who positively impact a complex world.


The Schools: Partners for the Future (PASCH) initiative is a global network of schools that develops strong links to Germany and the German language. As a PASCH school Brainworks partners with the Goethe Institute to offer students intercultural exchange and develop fluency in German.

International Recognition

Brainworks’ accreditations tell universities and employers across the globe that your child has completed a quality education. Cambridge, IB, and PASCH standards and HSK qualifications in Chinese are respected in countries around the world, meaning your student’s degree carries a reputation that opens doors and unlocks opportunities wherever they find themselves.

High Standards

These accreditations are difficult to earn. Brainworks has to meet rigorous criteria and must maintain excellence across campuses. That means we’re accountable to the highest standards and have gone all in to provide the very best education for your child.

College Readiness

International accreditations provide students with the education they need to excel at college or university. Your child will be equipped with subject knowledge and critical thinking skills to succeed in the next step of their education. The world’s finest institutions recognize our international accreditations and will welcome a student who has demonstrated mastery over the qualifications.

Life Long Skills

The programmes offered at Brainworks have been chosen not just for their academic rigor, but also for their holistic philosophy. Our accreditations signify that your child will develop skills they can use in and out of the classroom. Not only will they become appealing to employers, they will become a well-rounded global citizens.

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