Term 2 begins soon—secure a place for your child today. Enrolling through August.

What Should Kids Learn in Preschool? 7 Important Skills for Your Child

Every parent wants the best for their child. They long to see their little one grow up and achieve their full potential, becoming the young man or woman who doesn’t just make their mom and dad proud, but makes the world a better place. Wise parents know that kind of development doesn’t happen by accident—it […]

Term 2 Begins 29 August

Be sure to enroll your child by 29 August to ensure the best pricing and available seating. We are currently still enrolling for pre-, primary, and secondary school. 

Why do we need fire drills?

To ensure the safety of the people in the building when it is on fire, we have rehearsed the procedures and are aware of what to do at TOTAL Learning Academy. In fact, this is also a legal requirement.

Why is Physical Education important for children?

Nowadays,  people of all ages are spending several hours by watching television, playing computer games, chatting on the internet and studying the lessons. These practices are making their health scale drop. Academic development enhances the intellectual skill of the children and management of such activities is easily handle with school management software. Regardless of the intellectual […]

Let’s have best friends for our lives!

Hello everyone!!!!! Do you want to have the best friends for your life? Last Friday, our students made best friends with vegetables. On Friday afternoon, highly-qualified chefs were invited to our school and they introduced to us: the best friends for our lives. After all students arrived at the assembly area and were seated, the […]