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Why Brainworks is a Cambridge Accredited School: The Importance of International Accreditation for Excellent Learning

When parents or students research a school, they will often come across a school’s accreditations. These are usually long acronyms or complicated names that you’ve never heard of. So what do accreditations even mean? And why are they so important? 

In this blog, we will explain what accreditations, specifically international accreditations, are and why they are important. Along with being a Cambridge Accredited School, Brainworks is also accredited by three other internationally-recognized entities. Understanding what these accreditations mean will be vital in helping you make a decision for your child’s future. 

What is Accreditation?

Accreditations are sets of standards that schools must adhere to in order to be recognized by accrediting bodies. Using thorough assessments, strict guidelines, and high standards of quality, accrediting bodies measure schools based on curriculum, student performance, and alumni outcomes. Accreditations typically have to be renewed annually or on a regular basis. 

There are two types of accreditation used by schools around the world: 

  • Institutional. These types of accreditations examine the school as a whole, as opposed to individual programmes. Institutional accreditations also examine areas of the school beyond curriculum, such as student services and budgets. This is one of the reasons why Brainworks is a Cambridge-accredited school—we pride ourselves in being held to such a high standard. 
  • Specialized. Specialized accreditations examine unique aspects of the school, such as a certain school subject or programme. Brainworks’ international accreditation through PASCH is a specialized accreditation for our German language program. 

Simply put, accredited schools are held to a higher standard. Whether they are institutional or specialized, international accreditations are even more highly regarded. In fact, some colleges, universities, and even workplaces do not accept candidates from non-accredited schools. This is a key reason why parents send their children to schools like Brainworks. 

Now that we have discussed what accreditation is, let’s examine Brainworks’ accreditations and why they’re important.

Cambridge International School

Cambridge University is one of the world’s oldest and most revered higher education institutions. The Cambridge International School accreditation sets the standard for quality education across the globe. When a school is accredited by Cambridge, it means that its curriculum is informed by experts and leading educational research. 

Schools with this accreditation adhere to the Cambridge Pathway. The Cambridge Pathway is a specialized curriculum that builds off what the student learned the year before. The curriculum is backed by rigorous assessments of students’ learning skills. Cambridge-accredited schools are recognized by over 2,200 universities worldwide, including prestigious colleges such as MIT, Harvard, and Yale. 

Why is Brainworks a Cambridge Accredited School? 

Our goal at Brainworks International School is to provide your child with the best possible education so they can have the future they’ve always dreamed of. We are recognized as a Cambridge International school in order to meet the demands of our world today. Based on extensive research from Cambridge University, we have found that Cambridge inspires students to think critically, act globally, and learn studiously. 

Brainworks offers the International General Certificate for Secondary Education (IGCSE) for 14-16 year old students and A levels for 17-18 year old students. The IGCSE is one of the most sought-after diplomas by post-secondary institutions. 

Cambridge Professional Development Centre

Beyond the Cambridge International School accreditation, Cambridge also provides a standard of excellence for teachers in these schools. Through their Professional Development Centre, they equip teachers with professional development opportunities, leading to improved outcomes for their students. 

The Cambridge Professional Development Centre provides teachers with the following professional development opportunities: 

  • Syllabus-specific courses. 
  • Enrichment courses. 
  • Professional development qualifications. 
  • Conferences.
  • Assessment networks.
  • And more. 

The Professional Development Centre at Brainworks

At Brainworks, we believe that excellent teachers create excellent students. Through our onsite Cambridge Professional Development Centre, teachers at our school—and other schools around Myanmar—can benefit from rigorous training and learning of new teaching methodologies in a collaborative environment. 

Our professional development centre covers four key teaching areas: 

  • Teaching and learning. 
  • Educational leadership. 
  • Teaching bilingual learners.
  • Teaching with digital technologies. 

Teachers at Brainworks go through all of this training with the continued support from Cambridge International.

IB World School

International Baccalaureate (IB) schools provide diploma programmes based on a holistic curriculum that focuses not only on academic excellence but also on global-mindedness. IB learners are: 

  • Critical thinkers. They don’t learn by simply memorizing and retaining information. They learn by solving complex problems with their peers. 
  • Learners. IB students drive their own learning and are encouraged to adopt a mentality for lifelong learning. 
  • Culturally aware. The entire IB curriculum is built around international-mindedness. 
  • Able to engage in a globalized world. IB students aren’t left behind on the world stage. They can actively engage in a globalized world as a student and as a citizen. 

Studies performed by International Baccalaureate show that IB learners perform better than other students across the globe. 

IB at Brainworks

An IB diploma is another highly sought-after distinction by higher education institutions. Top colleges and universities are more likely to accept students who studied at an IB World School. And at Brainworks, we want every child to have every opportunity possible. We are proud to be a member of International Baccalaureate and to adhere to their criteria of developing well-rounded, culturally aware, and globally-minded students.  


Schools’ Partners of the Future (Schulen Partner der Zukunft, or PASCH) is a specialized accreditation for schools that teach German as part of their curriculum. Since many top universities are located in Germany and the country is a hub for international commerce, PASCH was founded to encourage students to learn German as a second or third language and get to know the culture of Germany. Over 2,000 schools in 120 countries are accredited by PASCH. 

PASCH at Brainworks 

At Brainworks, we believe learning secondary languages is of utmost importance for students to excel in today’s world. All lessons at Brainworks are taught in English, German, Chinese, and Burmese. German is offered in Grades 1-8, with opportunities for students to learn more about German culture and even travel to Germany. 

International Accreditation Can Make a Difference in Your Child’s Education 

Accreditations are what make different international schools stand out from the rest. When you see that a school is accredited by an institutional or specialized accrediting body, you know that your student will be nurtured holistically and taught to think critically and globally. 

At Brainworks, we desire to make high-caliber international schooling accessible to all parents. Starting in preschool, your child will lay the foundations of an excellent educational career. When they receive their diploma, they will be ready to enter top universities with confidence—or enter straight into a fulfilling career. 

If you are interested in discovering more about the international accreditation at Brainworks, please plan a visit with us