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    Why is Physical Education important for children?

    Brainworks-Total School Yangon

    Nowadays,  people of all ages are spending several hours by watching television, playing computer games, chatting on the internet and studying the lessons. These practices are making their health scale drop.

    Academic development enhances the intellectual skill of the children and management of such activities is easily handle with school management software. Regardless of the intellectual development of students are important, we can’t also forget about other aspects: physical, social, emotional, leadership and spiritual skills of the children.  So, Brainworks has decided to make many precious goals for the future leaders.

    As we all know, people have difficulties to start at any new work or skill. However, the key to learning a new skill is practice. You get better at a skill by repeating the step. This is how you learn life skills too. We want our students to be eager to learn new things.

    In fact, no one is too  young to start exercising!


    By playing  effective physical activities, students can distinguish right from wrong, learn to share, give priority to others first, build friendship and cooperation with others, cultivate healthy habits, obey the rules and love Myanmar games.

    Physical Education is one of our best co- curriculum activities in our school. Our Physical Education teacher teaches many games, activities and also Myanmar traditional games. Students love those Myanmar games. The benefits of playing PE games are very effective for different ages of people. Through P.E, students are learning several skills, which they can utilise in their lives.