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Special Educational Needs Policy

‘Special Educational Needs’ is a term that refers to children with learning disabilities that make it harder for them to learn than most children of similar age. The spectrum of learning disabilities is very broad and complex.

Intellectual disability for instance inhibits an individual; from adaptive behavior, simple communication and from simple day to day tasks like washing hands among other things. There are various other types of disabilities ranging from the muscular/physical to the cognitive and to the emotional quotient of an individual. These conditions are mostly genetic in nature and require specific professional help, as they manifest in various forms and in varying degrees over varying periods of time.

Given this complexity, Brainworks-Total has adopted a Special Needs Education Policy to ensure a safe and secure environment for all learners.

Purpose & Objectives

The Special Needs Education Policy is aimed towards the assistance of young learners with disabilities, the degree of which is manageable and within the reach of the school. Early interventions have shown to improve the developmental outcome of a child with special needs. The school banks on any such opportunity that will assist the transition of a child with special needs into our main stream educational service and thereby assist them in exploring their abilities to their full potential.

Policy Scope

  •  Admissions for children with special needs may be considered by the school after careful internal assessment. The school’s ability to educate the child in the main stream will determine any such intake.
  • Such admissions will not be influenced by any external medical document or recommendation.
  • Any special needs admission to the school will require a full disclosure from the parents regarding the history of or existing special needs/condition.
  • There could be instances, where the anomalies of a student with special needs may frequently exhibit a tendency towards violence and prove to be unsafe for both the said individual and others around him/her. In such cases, the parent/guardian will be consulted and advised to seek for professional help outside of the school’s capacity/reach. In severe cases, the school may be required to temporarily withhold attendance of the said individual on grounds of security and to allow time for professional help and recovery. Readmissions will be based on the schools reassessment of admissibility. All decisions of the school will pivot around the best interests of the child with special needs.