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Immigration policy

Childhood, there is an unmatched purity that dwells in it and it is present everywhere, every day and in every school. Ironically, this unbridled spontaneity is what makes school a challenge for some students and more so for an immigrant student. Immigrant students have their challenges in a classroom all over the world. From issues of name calling to food habits and culture in general, the student has a mountain to climb. Brainworks-Total is aware of these intricacies, that might hinder a student’s progress and has therefore a policy in place, which aims at ensuring immigrant students with a safe and secure environment- one that is free from any sort of fear and conducive to learning.
Aim and Scope
* To ensure that the school exemplifies to its community, the idea of inclusivity and instills in them the idea of equity with regard to speech, attitude, ability/opportunity and general behaviour towards students of immigrant origin.
* To ensure that students unlearn misconceptions and stereotypes that bind and negate perspectives. The school understands diversity as a resource and not a liability.
* Our qualified and experienced teachers along with our well trained staff are always at hand to assist with integration and assimilation for immigrant students.
* The school seeks to bridge any cultural and linguistic gap through cooperation with parents, language classes and initial guidance with food and cultural appropriation.
The school has numerous other policies that assist assimilation and regulate the trials and challenges of being in a 21st century classroom.