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English Language Learner

At Brain Works-Total, we welcome and respect cultural diversity. We have a diverse range of students and an equally diverse teaching staff to complement learning. The official language of the school is English and the medium of instruction is English as well.

The medium of instruction being English, there may be students who would want to add to their language skills. This ensures freedom from impediments of terminology, vocabulary and confusion over literary contexts and abstractions. For such students we strongly recommend the ELL program (English Language Learner). ELL includes speaking, reading, writing and comprehension skills.


The ELL program is primarily aimed at students whose language at home is different from English. The purpose of the ELL program is to facilitate student progression and inclusion in both school and society.

  • The goal is for students to develop language skills that bridge cultural divides and which can be applied to their learning across the curriculum.
  • Language acquisition is a process that gradually evolves through consistent interaction with the language. At Brainworks-Total, the ELL program facilitates this through a diverse range of activities, varied methodologies and application modules.
  • The program allows for interactions which are receptive to a student’s culture and which celebrates diversity as well.

The ELL program is designed to build confidence and develop language proficiency.