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    Why do we need fire drills?

    To ensure the safety of the people in the building when it is on fire, we have rehearsed the procedures and are aware of what to do at TOTAL Learning Academy. In fact, this is also a legal requirement. The goal of fire drills is to have a good “habit” formed and the children know […]

    Brainworks Promotes Healthy Lifestyle and Helps Underprivileged Myanmar Children : Written By Micheal Gluszek

    One hundred and fourteen Brainworks management members, teachers, students, and their families took part in the 2nd edition of Yoma Yangon International Marathon. Brainworks was the second largest team in the race and the largest team from an educational institution. Long before sunrise, on a cool Sunday morning of 19th January 2014, Brainworks team members […]

    Let’s have best friends for our lives!

    Hello everyone!!!!! Do you want to have the best friends for your life? Last Friday, our students made best friends with vegetables. On Friday afternoon, highly-qualified chefs were invited to our school and they introduced to us: the best friends for our lives. After all students arrived at the assembly area and were seated, the […]

    Why is Physical Education important for children?

    Brainworks-Total School Yangon Nowadays,  people of all ages are spending several hours by watching television, playing computer games, chatting on the internet and studying the lessons. These practices are making their health scale drop. Academic development enhances the intellectual skill of the children and management of such activities is easily handle with school management software. […]

    Why do we celebrate Sports Day at BRAINWORKS TOTAL school every year?

    You may think your child can get scholarship in Top-Ten Universities around the world as she/he is outstanding in his/her studies. The demands of those universities are more than you expected. Therefore, your child needs to be skillful not only in academic area, but also in other areas like sports and games. As the chief […]

    A Fabulous Educational Excursion

    Today was the day! Parents were excited to send their kids to school and students were also very anxious to go to National Ethnics Village. Teachers have also made alternate plans in case the excursion would be cancelled due to heavy rain that day. So an outing of some kind had to be planned. The […]

    What Literature Means to Me

    Patron Aung San Suu Kyi says: I am delighted to be Patron of the Irrawaddy Literary Festival. The success of the inaugural festival, in February 2013, demonstrated the importance of this unique literary endeavour, which I hope will become an annual event. I look forward to taking part personally in the next Festival in 2014. […]


    Are you PART OF THE SOLUTION? If YES, let’s plant the trees!!!!!!!!! Have you seen Grow More Trees stickers on the cars around Yangon. Would you like to know the meaning and the purpose of those stickers? In fact, we BRAINWORKS TOTAL family encourages all of you to plant 100,000 trees in order to make […]

    International Student Summer Camp

    International Student Summer Camp at Brainworks Total School Yangon Getty Kyaw Myo Myo is one of our Youth Leaders who values his Education and who wants to excel in his studies. His leadership and teamwork started when he was in Primary 5. He chose to lead his classmates to success with his choreography for Carnival […]

    2nd Annual Championship Spelling Bee at Total Brainworks Group of Schools!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Students, Teachers and Parents, Welcome to our 2nd Annual Championship Spelling Bee at Total Brainworks Group of Schools! We are very proud of our student spellers and their accomplishments. Firstly, let me tell you a bit of history about the Bee. That word itself comes from an American custom. With a different […]