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Exclusion Policy (Parents)

Brainworks-Total group of schools is known for its inclusivity and has always championed diversity. One of our missions has always been the empowerment of the local community and we have done exceptionally well on that front over the years. Today, most of the heads of our key departments and branches are from among the community. This cohesion has been possible, largely due to the fact that at Brainworks, every member of the school works, learns, teaches and lives through a policy of mutual respect.

As reiterated in many of our previous policies, we do not believe in dismissals or expulsions whether fixed or temporary. It is damaging to both the individual and the whole school community. The school however, has a set standard for discipline and will not stand for any individual/s whose action/s directly or indirectly disrupt the social fabric of our school community. Brainworks-Total has adopted an Exclusion Policy to ensure the security of the school community. The school has an Exclusion Policy in place for students, parents and staff.

At Brainworks-Total, we believe staff, parents and children are entitled to a safe and protective environment in which to learn and work. Behaviour that will cause harassment, alarm or distress to users of the premises is contrary to the aims of the school. We approach all conflicts with positivity and seek to reconcile any differences through peaceful dialogue.

At Brainworks we teach/lead by example and here are some of the expectations we keep from our parents:

  • That adults set a good example to children at all times, showing them how to get along with all members of the school and the wider community.
  • That no members of staff, parents or children are the victims of any abusive behaviour (physical/mental/verbal) or open to threats from other adults on the school premises.
  • Physical attacks and threatening behaviour, abusive or insulting language verbal or written, to staff, governors, parents or children and other users of the school premises will not be tolerated and will result in the withdrawal of permission to be on school premises.


Types of behaviour that are considered serious and unacceptable and will not be tolerated towards any member of the school community. This is not an exhaustive list but seeks to provide illustrations of such behaviour.

  • Any form of intimidation and aggressive behavior such as shouting, swearing and verbal threat/blackmail/harassment either in person or over the telephone or through email or any other form of communication.
  • Slander on Social Networking sites or any digital forums which could bring the school into disrepute or be deemed as bullying.
  • Physically intimidating, e.g. standing very close, menacing/offensive hand gestures/exaggerated movements.
  • Shaking or holding a fist towards another person.
  • Any form of violent physical contact such as push, shove, slap, kick, spitting etcetera.
  • Racist or sexist comments including sexual innuendo.
  • A parent approaching aggressively towards another student inside the school campus or a parent aggressively approaching another parent, again inside the school campus.
  • Use of social media to instigate and rally opinion against other parents/students and members of school staff.
  • Use of school name to create social media groups unauthorized by the school.
  • Privately hiring or seeking to hire any school staff for tuition or otherwise.

In serious cases the school will also consider its legal options to deal with any such misuse of social networking and other sites. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly is the issue of cyber bullying and the use by one child or a parent to publicly humiliate another by inappropriate social network entry. We will take and deal with this as a serious incident of school bullying. Unacceptable behaviour may also result in the Police being informed.

On such grounds, where the behaviour of an individual seeks to:

  • Mobilize the time and resources of the school needlessly
  • Bring disrepute to the school
  • Obstruct/Inhibit/Endanger the physical and mental wellbeing of any staff or student
  • The school then has every right to exclude and forbid the said individual from any association with the school.