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Curriculum Policy

At Brainworks, curriculum is more than just a set of books or courses offered by the school. We have always put our best foot forward when it comes to offering quality education and our unique curriculum exemplifies our versatility. As educators, we are receptive to the evolutionary shifts in educational theories and practices and we carefully assess how those changes influence/enhance our unique curricula. To summarize, the Brainworks-Total Curriculum is an eclectic mix of various educational resources, methodologies, measurements and practices from around the globe that go beyond the traditional subject/learner/problem- oriented modes of curriculum.


Our curriculum seeks to bring fruition to the schools varied missions. Brainworks-Total aims to harmonize a union of the mind, body and soul in a way that befits a citizen of the world.


  • Our curriculum aligns with the practices that our experienced and qualified teachers bring from across the globe. We ensure that our teachers have all the resources they require to implement their strategies and goals.
  • Our exams are based on the Cambridge Curriculum and all of our world class academic resources are licensed and upgraded every single year. Our assessment strategies are constantly reviewed for accuracy and efficacy.
  • Besides English, being the official language of the school (all subjects are taught in English except for foreign languages), the school allows for the acquisition of additional language skills in German and Chinese.
  • The school emphasizes a deep acknowledgement/appreciation for the culture that we happily soak ourselves in. Apart from Myanmar Language Studies being an integral part of the school curriculum, the school also takes every opportunity to explore and indulge students in Myanmar art, literature and other cultural events and programs which celebrate diversity and also consolidate national identity.
  • Brainworks-Total organizes and hosts numerous co-curricular activities all year round that promotes the development of the mind and body outside of the classroom walls.
  •  Quiz, debates, drama, singing, elocution, sports, spelling bee, science fairs and many other activities ensure that students take ownership of their learning and hone their leadership skills.
  • Our excursions, community services and social projects revolve around empowering students with experiences that add to a lifelong learning.
  • Our students exhibit a deep understanding of concepts, engage in higher order thinking, they are critically aware of the highs and lows of the world around them, they are inherently empathetic and compassionate and are endearingly confident of themselves. All of this and more is a result of our adaptive curriculum which ensures that students from Brainworks can be model citizens both at home and abroad.