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    Why do we celebrate Sports Day at BRAINWORKS TOTAL school every year?

    You may think your child can get scholarship in Top-Ten Universities around the world as she/he is outstanding in his/her studies. The demands of those universities are more than you expected. Therefore, your child needs to be skillful not only in academic area, but also in other areas like sports and games.

    As the chief goal of Brainworks Total schools is to bring all-round development for the students, we introduce the fundamentals of sports to our students starting from their Pre-school lives. We want our students to achieve not only intellectual development but also physical development. Our Pre-school students can get an opportunity to do the physical exercises such as Wushu and dance every week.


    When our students are in Primary and Secondary level, they have a chance to choose their favourite sports. Then, they are systematically trained to be skillful in their favourite sports by worldwide professional trainers.


    For pre-school students, we hold Sports Day to get practice in sports and games as well. In Sports Day, students participate in various kinds of sports and games enthusiastically with the cooperation of parents and teachers.


    As a result, students come to realize the value of cooperation and team spirit. Regardless of any future goals or prospects, there is no doubt to say that playing sports brings an enjoyable and memorable experience to children and parents.