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    It is our deeply held belief that the better our teachers, the better our students become and learning spreads throughout the entire school.

    Our training department approaches its job through diverse methods.

    One of the more distinguishing aspects of Brainworks – Total is the size and focus of its training department. Our staff are given at least 24 days of in-house training per year, allowing even novice instructors the opportunity to master technical skills and methodology, and develop into an effective classroom teacher within just a few years. Our training department approaches its job through diverse methods: some trainers are brought directly to Yangon to work with our teachers on campus, and at other times we send teachers to programs within the community or greater South East Asian region.  We provide in-house libraries and Internet access, and remind our staff that their “peers are the best resources”.

    Teacher development is an investment that pays off through the creation of more dynamic classrooms, more engaged learning, and tighter and more supportive communities.