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    Total Education

    The name Brainworks-Total reflects our belief that learning is a holistic process in which every aspect of  students become engaged. At our academy, we lead our students through transformative process, in which our end objectives are the development of mature young people with healthy minds and bodies. A moral and ethical foundation underlies our overall approach. In addition, a consistent stream of extra-curricular activities supports and enhances the academic content. As we help our students develop their own unique personality and abilities, we also examine their social role and responsibilities towards the greater society.

    Because learning is an experience of constant growth and discovery, we guide our students through experiential learning tasks in real time and we support our teachers to engage in reflective teaching, so that they are continually refining their own ability as to how to best serve student learning.

    Systematically, we ensure that a holistic approach is integrated into our overall curriculum by ensuring that the following areas are covered:

    • A content curriculum of academics, in-class projects and study
    • A learning-to-learn curriculum that facilitates brain-based techniques and develops skills so that lifelong learning can re-emerge as fun-filled, fast and effective
    • A personal-growth curriculum that supports students in developing self-confidence, motivation, independence, and responsibility
    • A physical program that strengthens the mind-body connection in relation to classroom activities, as well as developing overall health and stamina with exercise and outdoor nature activities
    • A service-oriented curriculum where students learn about and give to the community, and develop a pride in their national, cultural, and ethnic heritage
    • A wide array of extra-curricular activities that include clubs, camps, functions, festivals, excursions, debates, competitions, holidays, and carnivals

    Moral and Ethical Foundation

    Education has been described as the acquisition of new skills and knowledge. We follow this definition here at our academy. Our entire program is built upon a strong moral and ethical foundation. Students and staff are encouraged to live lives of integrity and responsibility and to develop empathy towards  others. At times, this focus is made explicit with students and staff examining these values directly.

    At other times, it is more implicit and woven into a content subject or excursion. However, we believe that this foundation must play a central role within the development process for learners. In this way, we help to support our students in becoming mature adults who are capable of giving back and strengthening their community.