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    Quality is our number one objective, and we go to great lengths to ensure that all of our programs meet our own standards of excellence.

    Standards of Quality

    At Brainworks-Total school, we passionately believe that any individual is capable of accomplishing any task and achieving success, assuming they are given proper teaching and training. We endeavor to make sure that all students, teachers, and families have access to those opportunities that will allow for a healthy and productive life. Quality is our number one objective and we go to great lengths to ensure that all of our programs meet our own standards of excellence. We also undergo regular evaluations by international bodies who regularly visit our campus. As we intend for our students to go on to attend top universities around the world, we are doing our part in creating a primary and secondary school that can perform at top levels. This includes training programs for our teachers,  academic classes for our students, the robust field of extra-curricular activities offered, service programs for local communities, and the learning environments we create at each of our branches.

    International Standards and Credentials

    Brainworks – Total is a Cambridge International Center. We run ICE examinations for Primary and Lower Secondary students and IGSCE, A-Level and AIGE examinations for upper Secondary students. Cambridge certified assessors routinely visit our campus for annual accreditation, where they confirm that we are meeting the Cambridge International standards and criteria in all fields and classes. Our curriculum is influenced by Cambridge International and the Singapore Ministry of Education, and is further adapted for our teachers to use in classes. We also supplement the classes with context-relevant courses and programs.

    Quality Control for ECA

    We imagine that you have likely read or heard about the quantity of extra-curricular activities offered at Brainworks – Total. So, rather than discuss more about the quantity of these, we will instead focus this topic on their quality. We have found that because there are not as many resources in a developing country such as Myanmar, some aid organizations and schools have taken an attitude that any program is worthwhile, since it is an improvement over the minimal offerings that normally exist. We take a radically different view at Brainworks – Total, where our goal is to provide quality education and programs to local Myanmar learners that are on par with top schools anywhere. It is not enough simply to propose an event, but it also needs to be organized efficiently with proper outcomes and end up as an enjoyable learning experience for all involved.