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  • Showcases for Foundation Building

    Our Showcase events are designed to highlight the rich variety, talents, dreams and aspirations of our students.

    Each of these showcase events allows our students an opportunity to perform before their family and peers. Students gain independence and acquire an unshakeable sense of self-knowledge and self-esteem. These become life-long memories that they will cherish.

    Brainworks-Total School believes that confidence-building in children through showcase events in the school is vital. It is very common in our schools to see a number of preschool children, tweens and teens presenting a complex idea in front of an audience where a vast majority of them are adults. Children run powerful incantation sessions in our school assemblies which not only raise their confidence to talk in front of a large crowd but also giving them continuous practice to do so.

    Massive showcase events like our Annual Spelling Bee, Thadingyut Celebration and Water Festival, International Food Fair, Master Brain Quiz, STEM Film Festival, Math/Science/STEAM/ICT Fair, Chinese Talent Show, German Talent Show, Myanmar Cultural Showcase and English Literature Fair are run by our own students where teachers play a role from behind the curtains. Talented students perform drama, skits, sing and even design their own choreography. Other talented students show off their abilities and dreams.

    The event list extends to several other showcases where our students have the opportunity to lead and influence a larger group of people.

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