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Uniform Policy

At Brainworks, our educational approach and perspectives have always been drawn, shaped, and defined along the lines of child psychology. It is an innate human desire to be appreciated and acknowledged and this feature is most pronounced in children and young adults. Brainworks Total group of schools believes in the psychology of praise and recognition. Yes, we have sanctions and policies in place to check any unruly behavior and to channelize energy towards  academic or personal growth. However, we believe that an individual develops to his/her potential best when credited with praise and recognition. At Brainworks, we seek to produce individuals with a high level of consciousness and commitment to the world around them. With this in mind, Brainworks Total Group of Schools has drawn a policy that aims to maximize the holistic development of its students, staff, and the school community in general.
Aims and Strategies
The policy aims to motivate individuals to exert themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually to their full potential. In brief, it seeks to prepare them to be a citizen of the world.

·         The school gives to its students a world class curriculum, taught by highly experienced teachers and aided with world class resources to ensure that every student is on an equal footing when it comes to opportunity.
·         The school organizes and hosts a number of volunteer and group based social activities all year round to promote community development. This allows for students to be actively involved and gives them a sense of social achievement and boosts their self-esteem.
·         The staff at Brainworks is professionally tuned to encourage, motivate and assist students to take ownership of their learning.
Students whose efforts and attitudes are geared towards self-improvement on any front will be acknowledged and encouraged by the school. These include but are not limited to the following:

·         Outstanding achievement in academics, sports or other learning projects.
·         Marked improvement in either of the categories above.
·         Leading co-curricular activities or participation/assistance in various school programs and events. This includes participation and achievements outside of the school jurisdiction which promotes growth.
·         Numerous grand prizes and certificates for drama, spelling bee, writing contests, elocution, science projects, music, singing, community help, perfect attendance and so on and so forth.
An outlined and defined dress code speaks volumes about a school. We at Brainworks Group of  Schools believe, that a dress code is integral to and reflective of the standards of discipline that a school upholds. The School Uniform, is an identity of the individual and of the whole put together. It seeks to instill a sense of belonging, and commitment and is a great indicator for character building. The uniform is an evidence, of inclusion- free from any form of bias and hence promotes camaraderie. All Brainworks students are expected to adhere to the Uniform Policy of the school.
Some Uniform reminders :
·         Hair to be of natural colour, reasonably short and neat for boys, neat and tied for girls. Hair colouring/dyeing is strictly prohibited.
·         No fancy caps or headwear, no fancy scarves or sunglasses to be worn inside the school campus.
·         No visible tattoos or piercings.
·         Shoes are a part of the School Uniform and must be worn properly laced and tied.
·         No other footwear apart from the school issued shoes are to be worn.
·         Stockings if worn should be either black or dark blue in colour.
·         Wear appropriate sportswear and gear for PE classes to avoid injuries. PE attire is not to be worn during other classes.
·         All students are to prescribe to the uniform policy of the school. Exceptions will be made after due assessment, in cases of injuries or other complications that   might inhibit normal school uniform wear.
·         There is a ‘No-Uniform’ day each month and students will be informed of it in advance.
·         The Uniform is compulsory for all Online Classes. Your hair, face and general appearance should be School/Work appropriate.