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    Quality and Quantity

    At Brainworks-Total, we are aware of the important relationship between quality and quantity. While it is important that our programs reach as wide an audience as possible and open the door to as many young learners as can walk through, we also know that every expansion and new initiative must continue to adhere to our own high standards and criteria. An in-house motto we use to capture this correlation is “Growth which is not measured is not real growth”. We want to keep on adding new members to our Brainworks – Total community, which already includes parents, extended families, students, teachers, support staff, and administrators. And as we do, it is important that we do not sacrifice any of the quality that has come to be expected of us. The sections below describe in greater detail how we implement our own Quality Control standards across the board. . Student Assessment . Teacher Development and Assessment . Branch Policy . Classroom Size

    Brainworks Total – Academic Core

    Our goal at Brainworks – Total is to offer a curriculum of study that allows our students to perform at a level consistent with the best of international schools. Our classes provide students with a foundation that allows them apply to top universities, and we help them to develop the study habits necessary to achieve success at these schools upon enrollment.