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  • Brainworks International School
  • Philosophy

    Our Vision

    -To deliver the highest-quality education possible and make that education accessible to every family

    -To become a leading international school serving the nation with:

    • Passionate learners and aspiring leaders
    • High-quality faculty and staff
    • Organizational excellence

    Our Mission

    -To give our future leaders the critical thinking skills necessary to solve brave new problems with ingenuity, equanimity, and global vision.

    -To give Myanmar and the world’s future leaders every tool possible to develop a world of nations that communicate, and collaborate with mutual respect.

    -To inspire intellectual and personal growth in our students, preparing them for meaningful and ethical contributions to a diverse, global society.

    It is our belief that through a greater investigation into the many ways lives are lived and experienced, a sense of responsibility and curiosity is naturally borne out.

    We extend the pupil’s responsibility from learning how to be a good student in the classroom, to learning how to be a good member of the overall community and a good citizen of the world. And, we make this part and parcel of our curriculum, of our student learning objectives, and our overall school mission.

    Core Values

    Intellectual excellence: promoting intellectual freedom, curiosity, and engagement; critical and creative inquiry; rigorous debate; innovative thinking and integrity in all endeavors.
    Leadership: the ability to create an inspiring vision of the future, and to motivate and inspire people to engage with that vision
    Commitment: being motivated and passionate in trying out new projects and showing dedication to complete them.
    Integrity: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles
    Ownership: being accountable to self, college, and community
    Innovation: being creative and resourceful in putting together a new idea for a positive change.
    Empathy: showing compassion and sensitivity and helping others to the best of one’s ability.

    Our Philosophy

    Academic development enhances the intellectual capabilities of children. Our philosophy of education goes further: while emphasizing intellectual development, equal importance is given to the development of the entire child. The Social, Emotional, Leadership, Physical, and Spiritual Capabilities of the children are equally important in Brainworks-Total philosophy of education. We believe such development is the joint responsibility of the school and the parents. Thus, we work closely and cooperatively with parents to develop the right lifestyle and attitude in children.

    Our Outcomes

    Brainworks-Total children learn to…

    • distinguish right from wrong
    • share and put others first
    • build friendships with others
    • have a lively curiosity
    • think for themselves and express themselves
    • engage in intellectual inquiry
    • take pride in their work
    • cultivate healthy habits
    • celebrate global diversity and local diversity
    • love Myanmar

    Our Skills

    Academic Excellence 90%
    Integrity Respect Truth and Honesty80%
    Healthy Mind and Body85%
    Leadership and Teamwork90%
    Continuous Learning75%
    Innovation and Creativity80%
    Gratitude and Charity70%

    Quality Objective

    Our objective is to provide our students with highly skilled staff and an outstanding environment that nurtures their intellectual, physical, emotional, leadership and spiritual capitals to put them on par with the best in the world. Our programmes promote the right lifestyle and attitude that every child needs to achieve TOTAL success and TOTAL fulfillment in every aspect of life.

    Quality Policy

    It is our policy to be an outstanding educational service provider that lives up to the expectations of parents and their children. It is our duty to offer a high-quality education through engaging and challenging content, learning-centered teaching methodologies, modern facilities and an environment enveloped with fun and joy. We are committed to supporting the TOTAL development of every child through on-going teacher-professional development, exceptional dedication and unconditional love and care!