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    Physical Movement
    We place emphasis on this area because we believe that learning takes place as much in the body as in the mind, and so we place a
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    We did lots of activities which really helped us to develop team work and rapport between both students and teachers!
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    Clubs and Sports
    We regularly invite professors, professionals, parents, and senior teachers to give speeches at a club that is relevant to their
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    Outdoor - School Trips

    In every annual school trip , our students have a great time working as a group, learning and experiencing new things. For example, last year, our school visited the cashew nut factory and places where brooms and cheroots are made. They also had a privilege of a visit to one of Myanmar’s tropical seaside towns.

    We also got to feel the beauty of nature at Maung Ma Kan Beach!


    Every trip involves doing lots of activities which will us to develop team work and rapport between both students and teachers!

    A professional wilderness guide with extensive experience in the United States, India, Nepal, and Pakistan has been working with us to expand this program. In 2010 he planned a series of staged outward bound adventure trips that took staff members successively to the crowded streets of downtown Yangon, climbing and hiking in Kyaiktiyo (home of the perched boulder of Golden Rock), and trekking for several days through the Shan states. These trips allow participants to explore new regional and ethnic territories, come into contact with different socio-economic groups, be in greater touch with nature and the natural world, and develop confidence in their own decision-making ability.

    This program is now entirely run and coordinated independently by local staff at Brainworks-Total.