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    Our Academies

    Brainworks-Total promises an environment conducive to both work and play.

    Part of the very quality that defines BrainworksTotal mission can be found within the physical grounds of our academy itself. When we look to purchase new branches, we ensure that the location will be convenient for many working families, as we know that the parents make up a key part of our Brainworks – Total community.

    At all of our campuses, a visitor can expect to be greeted warmly by the front office upon arriving, and once inside can find a science laboratory, teachers room, kitchen, canteen, student dining area, multiple bathrooms, lockers, wind turbines for clean energy use, a student tech lab of over 40 computers, and an outside area protected by the shade of a tree or awning.

    All of our branches bring in cool air conditioning on hot days, are backed up with a generator, and have colorful murals, inspiring quotations, recent photographs, and information about upcoming events upon the walls. We have also put up large TV screens in appropriate positions around the school campus to keep our students updated with issues and events – both local and global.


    At present, the Brainworks-Total group of schools have 10 branches: 9 are located in Yangon and one regional branch is situated in the beautiful hills of Taunggyi in the north of the country, which will soon have boarding facilities. Around 3000 full time students are studying in various levels at present in all our schools, with 90% being of Myanmar origin and rest of them from different countries.

    Our Taunggyi Brainworks-Total School, which can house 900 full time students, will soon contain a hostel accommodation which can board nearly 200 students. We also have allotted an additional 14 acres of land for further expansion of the present structure.

    The schools at Thingangyun and North Dagon townships are set to become the state of art, 21st century international schools and each will have a built-in facility of more than 100, 000 square feet of classrooms and offices. Each school can house 1800 students on a single shift.

    Our student population in 2022 is presumed to soar to 10, 000 considering the current trend. An opening of 20 more branches in Myanmar is expected and the school is set to expand its operations in other countries with 10 preschools and 2 K-12 schools by 2025.