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    Developing the Whole Person

    The most valuable asset that one can have is a positive attitude. Here, at Brainworks-Total, we encourage the development of six key capitals in every student, namely:

    1. Intellectual Capital
    2. Physical Capital
    3. Emotional Capital
    4. Social Capital
    5. Spiritual Capital
    6. Leadership Capital

    How do we develop the whole person?

    Brainworks make it mandatory to incorporate the body, mind, feelings, social and intuitive dimensions of the individual in the learning process and in every topic area.

    We ensure that the body and senses are engaged in the learning of all subjects, including in Physical Education classes. Manipulatives, hands-on activities, multi-sensory experiences, creative dramatics, movement activities that support the topic being taught are necessary components of instruction for students of all ages. It is learning by doing that facilitates knowing and remembering.

    In addition to normal school classes, students are also provided with extra-curricular activities that demand concrete, experiential, self-initiated, and real-world learning opportunities.

    Time and attention are devoted to students’ feelings about class activities and personal experiences. Classrooms are resuscitated rich, stimulating, accepting and loving environments because we believe that the willingness to confront emotional issues not only benefits learning, it also influences self-image, the single most important factor in determining an individual’s success in any endeavor in life.

    In our academic setting, collaborative, cooperative learning opportunities are also implemented to ensure that students know to embrace uniqueness and individual areas of strength in their peers.

    Students are provided with learning opportunities to explore, imagine, create, surmise, play, and invent ideas, solutions, and innovative possibilities and they are encouraged to rely upon their own inner authority, gain autonomy and seek meaning for themselves.

    Health Education

    We know that physical health and mental well-being are closely connected. For this reason, we believe that providing a total education must necessarily include health. Thus, we help to educate our students, staff and families about how to eat a balanced diet and how nutrition affects our mind and energy level. And more than that, we go out of our way to serve healthy food at our functions and regularly during the school day. We also schedule specialized trainings on important health issues to help keep people informed and safe.

    Multi - Dimensional Approach

    At Brainworks-TOTAL we have an appreciation for the learning process. We understand that students have different learning styles and that acquisition of new habits and information must be reinforced through diverse and dynamic techniques. We are committed to doing our own part to ensure that students have a bright and successful future ahead of them. In order to achieve this target, relevant curriculum is combined with innovative methodology so that students are able to interact with the material in a variety of ways.

    This is especially important when working with children in their formative years, when they are still pliable and open enough to expand their multiple intelligence. Once these intelligence become strengthened, a student builds a strong foundation that can provide them with the internal resources for success. We use a humanistic approach that stresses the importance of the inner thoughts and feelings of each learner, and aim to help students reach their full potential as people, throughout the process of learning. In addition to their core classes, we also promote the cultivation of those attitudes that will help a student achieve success. The most valuable asset that one can have is a positive attitude.