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    Chinese Classes

    Our firm expectation that Myanmar’s future leaders will need to be able to communicate clearly and fluently with their neighbors and with the world’s global powers. In addition to English, Chinese fluency is the greatest gift you can give your child.

    China is an emerging superpower with Myanmar’s relationship and proximity to China. Our future leaders must be able to communicate in Chinese. Speaking Chinese will allow your child to be more competitive in their profession.

    Multi-lingual has the added benefit of increasing your child’s neural capacities. Fluent multi-lingual children often score better in math exams later in their academic life, and often score better in writing and reading exams in both languages than their single-language counterparts.

    Studies also show that kids who grow up with multiple language perform better on tests of their executive functioning. Executive function is a critical skill that allows us to plan, sequence, take decisions, and consider consequences. Executive functioning is one of the most advanced and complex cognitive (human brain) abilities.

    Our Chinese Programs begin in Pre-school, and continue through Primary, culminating in Secondary School. We have created a pathway wherein our children and their parents can clearly see the progress their children are making towards competently completing their HSK/YCT tests each year. This pathway facilitates our children’s success in the Cambridge A level examinations in Chinese.

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