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A Fabulous Educational Excursion

Today was the day!

Parents were excited to send their kids to school and students were also very anxious to go to National Ethnics Village. Teachers have also made alternate plans in case the excursion would be cancelled due to heavy rain that day. So an outing of some kind had to be planned. The office was busy with phone calls.

Would the trip be postponed?

Luckily, the rain stopped at 12noon and all plans were carried out with systematic arrangement. 3 buses with all Primary students went to the National Village and explored the village for about 2.5 hrs. Then they all came back to school around 4:00pm. The trip was very enjoyable and unforgettable with very pleasant weather.

We are from Primary 4 and this is our amazing group right in front of Bamar House. The Bamar House was part of our educational scavenger hunt and we had to ask lots of questions to the people hosting the house to learn more about different ethnic groups in Myanmar.

We asked lots of questions and discovered lots of interesting facts about our country and its many ethnic groups. Did you know that the most well-known landmark in Kayin State is the Mt. Zwegabin? Or that Rakhine State hosts the most beautiful unspoilt beaches? What do you think the main product of Mon State is? Do you know? Well then, you should ask your son or daughter, because certainly they have learned that it is rubber!


We are in the Kayin House, how cool is it.

We enjoyed all the different places that we saw, but we didn’t  like taking so much time to put our shoes on and off and none of us found the crocodiles. We were disappointed, but maybe it is safer that way.

Did you know that we had walking exercise in the village to get one place to another? In the end, we visited 5 houses and took a group photo of Primary (2).

We, Primary (3), believe that we are the happiest group among others. Red team leads in the trip to get an outstanding smiling face from our class teacher.

We were camera-ready! As you might notice, we are the best group who takes on their responsibility.

We are an amazing group from Primary (3) too. We, the yellow team also did a great job of answering all the questions in the scavenger hunt that was organized by the teachers.

Finally, our Primary (1) students joined the excursion with enthusiasm. Here you see us right in front of Kachin MaNaw posts.