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    Study Programmes

    Admission Process

    Play Way Classes : 2 – 5 Years (There are four levels in Play-school and children will get automatically promoted to the next level after obtaining the skills that are expected at that level for completion)
    Primary Classes : 6-11 Years: (For Primary Class education students must complete 6 years of age as on 30th June, to be eligible for the admission at Primary 1)
    Secondary Classes : For Secondary education Students age 12-17 Years.
    Please visit our front office to understand our school systems, once you are comfortable, please fill our application form, the rest of the things are simpler. Child birth certificate, Passport and Visa page copies (in case of international students), Proof of educational history and a recommendation from the previous school (in case of Primary and Secondary admissions) are the documents required for admissions.
    There are few discount opportunities such as early birds, sibling discounts are available.

    Study Programmes

    We believe that in order to make positive changes in the society, The First important Process of proper knowledge about the country and its people. Therefore, if our students will really go on to bring about a brighter Myanmar, it is our job to make sure that they learn about and experience these communities while they are with us. While we take the very best in modern educational methodologies and apply them at Brainworks – Total, we also make sure to highlight the importance of their own language and culture.

    As we like to say, An international approach with local applicability makes our syllabuses enjoyable and accessible. Being Myanmar, and learning about Myanmar, is a major centerpiece of our academy mission. Our branches are proud members of the surrounding communities, and we rely on these areas to provide a deeper learning experience for our students. We believe that the more we understand about Myanmar, the greater students are able to make connections between the academic content from other classes and how this relates to their local realities.

    Brain Gain

    Most people are all familiar with the term “Brain Drain“ which denotes the problem of talented professionals leaving their countries of origins in order to apply their trade overseas. At Brainworks – Total, we hope to do our part to encourage the opposite: a “Brain Gain“ whereby students take the best the world has to offer, and then bring these lessons back to share with their local communities. This is already taking place through the methodology, training programs, and extra-curricular activities being offered at our school, as many are tried and trusted recipes from other contexts that we fit to adapt to our local surroundings.

    And the process continues as our students advance to attend top schools abroad. With this enhanced experience and education, they will be in a prime position to return to their native land and use their skills to enrich their local communities. But for this to happen, it is important that students develop an awareness and understanding of the communities around them, and that this process starts from a very young age. For this reason, at Brainworks – Total their studies are not limited to core academic content, and we add a multi-dimensional experience that connects them to their surroundings. In this section we describe some of these initiatives that bring students into greater contact with the country, and which we hope will encourage them to become part of a Myanmar “Brain Gain“ Appreciation of Myanmar . Sustainability and Growth . Introduction to Community Service . Selected invitations to Myanmar professionals

    Open Doors

    To help bring about a brighter Myanmar for the future, we believe that it is important for our doors to open as wide as possible. Myanmar is blessed with a great diversity amongst its people, and we want to do our part to ensure that as many of them as possible can benefit from our community. . Fee Structures and Scholarships . Alternative Programs . Student Diversity