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    Secondary School


    Secondary School

    Our secondary school at Thingangyun is a purpose built facility where your son or daughter demonstrates their ability to reach further than their foundational education in Primary years. This school was designed so as to best exhibit their talents, skills, and abilities in all areas, and to challenge them.

    Our philosophy of education at the secondary level is one that expects students to intellectually confront assumptions, think for themselves, arrive at creative solutions and constantly question the environment around them.

    Their academic career in our pre-school and primary schools has prepared them to make significant contributions to their community. They understand the importance of charity, humility, and independence. They have learned to distinguish right from wrong, put others first, and share resources. They have a curiosity and respect for the world around them and its diversity.

    Secondary School

    Arriving at the Secondary level is a monumental and meaningful step for every student. This stage presents a growing awareness and should set in motion, an understanding of the world around them and their own place in it.

    Secondary School Course

    Now in secondary they are expected to demonstrate their commitment to our school outcomes by sharing them with the community both locally and at large. Their written work is expected to reflect these values and their examinations require that they defend their opinions without recourse to rote responses. In sum, we teach them to be able to express themselves in humane, respectful and intellectual ways.

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