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    Physical Movement

    Part of the very quality that defines BrainworksTotal mission can be found within the physical grounds of our academy itself. When we look to purchase new branches, we ensure that the location will be convenient for many working families, as we know that the parents make up a key part of our Brainworks – Total community. Once we acquire a new site, we very shortly start on the task of making it one of our own. Our gatekeepers facilitate guests while ensuring that children remain safe, and our paint crews get to work in applying the trademark bright orange colors.

    At all of our campuses, a visitor can expect to be greeted warmly by the front office upon arriving, and once inside can find a science laboratory, teachers room, kitchen, canteen, student dining area, multiple bathrooms, lockers, wind turbines for clean energy use, a student tech lab of over 40 computers, and an outside area protected by the shade of a tree or awning. Our computer labs feature such modern technology as Fast Forward, Brain Development, Reading Mastery, and ICT; and the furniture and desk sizes are carefully designed for young learners. As one of our school motto is”My Success Starts With Reading, we also have a library at each of our locations were students can enjoy various types of books and a collection of current international periodicals. All of our branches bring in cool air conditioning on hot days, are backed up with a generator, and have colorful murals, inspiring quotations, recent photographs, and information about upcoming events upon the walls. The classrooms often come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different kinds of classes, and most branches have an especially large multi-purpose hall that can be used for more active programs (such as Music, Dance, Chess, and Physical Education).

    There are also play corners ready to welcome children with various kinds of toys, and classes also contain bright and moveable chairs, tables, and cubbyholes. In addition to these student corners, we also have Parent Corners and Teacher Corners. In these places, we post up-to-date information on current school information, and also use them to discuss any questions that come up and respond to information requests or individual updates. All branches are situated within their own private compound, and most are multi-storied with play fields and parking areas outside. If you come at the afternoon rush hour, you can also expect to find a cacophony of liberated learners, and a half dozen Brainworks – Total buses in the inner traffic circle waiting to ferry the young students home! Now that we have discussed what all of our branches have in common, we wish to take a moment to discover how they are different. In the sections that follow, we will take you on a virtual tour of each of our schools, and give you a peek into what a day in the life of a student or teacher may look like here. Pazundaung , Kamayut, Sanchaung, New University Avenue, Tamwe, Lanmadaw, Taunggyi , Parami, Latha 41st Thingangyun Expansion.