Hello everyone!!!!!

Do you want to have the best friends for your life? Last Friday, our students made best friends with Vegetables. On Friday afternoon, our chefs came to the school and introduced us with the best friends for our lives. The students were ready to go the hall.

When all the students were seated, the chef, U Thein Zaw, and his team explained about tomatoes, lady fingers @ Okra, watermelons, carrots, cucumbers and celery.

After his talk, he showed us the small lovely things made by vegetables. The chefs showed us how to make rose with tomatoes. The students were very excited and watched enthusiastically.

Then the chef let some students make roses with tomatoes. It was a wonderful magic moment that 3 and 4 years old children are doing on their own as soon as the chefs’ demonstration had done. Moreover the rest of the students were clapping, encouraging them and they were psyched for waiting to see who finished first.

Later, the chef asked the students about the benefit of eating vegetables. Everybody raised their hands to answer chef’s questions. Students could answer correctly.

Chefs gave the handmade vegetables baskets, flowers and vases, rabbits, birds, flowers, microphones and lanterns.

At the end, students ate warm and sweet rice jelly juice. At home time, they brought the handmade vegetables to their home happily and I was sure that they were going to share what they had seen and learned to their parents.


The followings are some healthy tips of eating vegetables which the chefs had presented. Let’s start making friends with vegetables to have a healthy life.


  •          Wards off Cancer
  •         Prevents DNA Damage
  •         Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease
  •         Protects Against Thrombosis
  •         Wards off Inflammation

 Lady finger or Okra

  •        Controls the Body’s Cholesterol Level
  •         Relieves Constipation and Other Stomach Problems
  •        Improves Good Eyesight
  •        Improves Healthy Unborn Child


  •  Is extremely alkaline-forming
  • Good for the Heart and Bones
  • Is rich in Vitamins and Essential Nutrition


  •         Provides the highest content of vitamin A.
  •         Encourages healthy skin, hair, bones, eyesight and will also cleanse the body.
  •         Reduces risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer.


  •        Reduces heat and inflammation
  •         Treats tired eyes and remove the eye bags under your eyes by placing a slice of              cucumber over closed eyes
  •         Has cleaning properties that removes accumulated waste and toxins from our body

I           If you want a happy skin, then cucumber is the answer.