Welcome to Our Brainworks-Total K-12 Integrated Yangon International School.

Pre-School Sports Day 2015

This year's sports day was a resounding success. We began with warm up exercises hosted by our English teachers. Afterwards we watched a wonderful drama teaching the importance of eating a wide range of food. The children then came on stage to show their inspiring chants. Afterwards we kicked off the games with competitions for both students and parents. Great enthusiasm and effort was put in by all who competed and we are not sure who had a better time..... the children or the adults!
The last race was between the parents and teachers with the parents winning the title.... we will have to start training for next year.
After the races, we gave out the prizes.
We would like to thank all the parents and students for their participation and enthusiasm for the making it a really great day.

We believe to make a strategy goal through great knowledge and skills. We wish to fill this virtual space with authentic life and energy that characterizes our fast-growing institution, whether you happen to be a proud parent or curious child, a current or prospective employee, a nostalgic alumni or interested observer we invite you to explore our school and our mission.

Brainworks Total are a unique group of K -12 Integrated with ten city branches in Yangon, Myanmar. We are a registered Cambridge School with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations.

Our main focus is providing an extremely high quality world-class education for thousands of Myanmar children’s.

Brainworks Total are located in prime areas. Classrooms are well equipped and fully air-conditioned. Rich Libraries, Advanced and modern ICT and Fluency Labs, Cambridge approved Science Labs, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, badminton, Music and Dance Theatres, Chess room, Students Canteen, Swimming Pool and lots of the other facilities are available in the School for children’s.

Admission process

(For Play Way, Primary & Secondary education children age etc..)

Play Way School :  2 - 5 Years (There are four levels in Play-school and children will get automatically promoted to the next level after obtaining the skills that are expected at that level for completion)

Primary Classes : 6-11 Years: (For Primary Class education students must complete 6 years of age as on 30th June, to be eligible for the admission at Primary 1)

Secondary Classes :  For Secondary education Students age 12-17 Years :

Brainworks Total School Also Providing Chinese Education. The Chinese Department was set up in 2010, there were only 10 teachers in Brainworks-Total. By cooperating with Confucius Classroom of Fixing, we have 30 professional Chinese teachers now. The quality of teaching is getting better and better owe to the professional team.
There were around 50 Chinese students in Brainworks-Total in 2010. But now, we have more than 500 students. We do believe there will be more and more Chinese students before long.

We spread the Chinese cultures Chinese Week, Chinese Day and the Character Writing Hero Competition are our annual activities. Our students can learn Chinese education language in school; they can also learn Chinese cultures from different kind of activities.
Chinese education is one of the most important educational languages in 21st Century. We would like to cooperate with you and give our students a bright future.

Please visit our front office to understand our school systems, once you are comfortable, please fill in our application form, the rest of the things are simpler. Child’s birth certificate, Passport and Visa page copies (in case of international students), Proof of educational history and a recommendation from the previous school (in case of Primary and Secondary admissions) are the documents required for admissions.

There are few discount opportunities such as early birds, sibling discounts are available.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a personal visit and private information session about our programs and opportunities.

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