Brainworks Total School

Brainworks - Total are a unique group of k-12 integrated schools offering Pre, Primary, Secondary, IGCSE and A Level education. We have 10 schools in Myanmar and are an accredited Cambridge International School and are an ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 training organization.

Admission Process

Please visit our front office to understand our school systems, once you are comfortable, please fill our application form, the rest of the things are simpler. Child’s birth certificate, Passport and Visa page copies (in case of international students), Proof of educational history and a recommendation from the previous school (in case of Primary and Secondary admissions) are the documents required for admissions.


Cambridge Primary, typically for 5-11 year olds, gives schools a curriculum framework to develop English, Mathematics, and Science skills, knowledge and understanding in younger learners. Cambridge Primary provides guidance for curriculum development

Total Education

The name Brainworks - TOTAL reflects our belief that learning is a holistic process in which all parts of the pupil become engaged. At our academy, we lead our students through a transformative process, in which our end objectives are the development of mature young people with healthy minds and bodies.
A moral and ethical foundation underlies our overall approach within as well as outside of the classroom


About Us

Brainworks Total International School In Yangon provides students with excellent preparation for their next step in education.

Brainworks-Total Group of schools are located in the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar. In the Ten years since our founding, Brainworks-Total Group of Schools has expanded to 11 branches with over 2500 very motivated students, and 400 dedicated teachers and staff with ongoing expansion plans. We are an approved “Cambridge School” as well as holding both “ISO9001 and ISO14001” accreditations…more


Our responsibility extends beyond the mere transmission of knowledge and skills within specialized content areas. In addition to the academic objectives that we support our students to achieve in the classroom, we also encourage them to learn about the greater world around them, along with their own place and role in this world.

We encourage our students to accomplish this task experimentally, so that they can learn by doing and reflecting in addition to the normal practice of studying.

  •  Distinguishing right from wrong.
  •  Being able to build friendship with others.
  •  Having a lively curiosity about things.
  •  Being able to think for and express himself/herself.

Academic development enhances the intellectual capital of the children. While emphasizing on the development of intellectual capital importance should be given to develop physical, social, emotional, Leadership and Spiritual Capitals of the children. Success can be measured with this TOTAL DEVELOPMENT and such development is the joint responsibility of the school and the parents. Developing the right LIFESTYLE and ATTITUDE in children will help them to overcome any challenges in their life.

  •  Having learn to share and put others first.
  •  Take pride in her/his work.
  •  Have cultivated health habits.
  •  Love Myanmar.
  •  Academic Excellence.
  •  Integrity, Truth and Honesty.
  •  Healthy Mind & Body.
  •  Innovation and Creativity.

If we don’t want to face the challenges in the coming century, then we need to keep our natural environment healthy and protected this is most important. Our perspective of personal enrichment, spending extended time in nature can have a rejuvenating effect on the mind and body, and give an alert and active freshness to the spirit.

Welcome to Our Brainworks-Total K-12 Integrated International School.

Why BrainWorks-Total

K-12 Integrated School


Physical Movement

We help students to acquire a better sense of balance, body awareness, coordination, flexibility, strength, cardiovascular conditioning, physical endurance, and stamina.


A professional wilderness guide with extensive experience in the United States, India, Nepal, and Pakistan has been working with us to expand this program.

Clubs and Sports

The clubs take place outside of normal school hours, and all Primary and Secondary students are required to take at least one. Clubs meet once every two weeks.