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    Brainworks preferred practices in pre-school education with the fastest growing methods of the world-renowned Playway education system. We believe every child is unique and needs individual attention to help channelize his energies.

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    Brainworks – Total is a unique group of k-12 integrated schools offering Pre, Primary, Secondary, IGCSE and A-Level education. Total accepts your child and takes on his academic development along with personality development and orientation right from Kindergarten onwards to Grade XII. We have no. of branches in Myanmar which are accredited by Cambridge International School and also certified by ISO 9001, 14001.

    Our responsibility extends beyond the transmission of knowledge and skills within specialized content areas. In addition to the academic objectives we support for our students to perform exceptionally well in academics, we also encourage them to excel and acquire knowledge about various activities happening around in their vicinity which can help them in their all-round development.

    We encourage our students to accomplish these learnings by experimenting with it every day. This will help them to learn and enhance their skills practically rather than studying it theoretically.

    →  Help in decision making.
    →  Healthy social interactions.
    →  Curiosity to learn new things.
    →  Confidence while communicating.

    Academic development enhances the intellectual capital of the children. While intellectual development is important, at the same time we cannot ignore other aspects like the development of physical, social, emotional, Leadership and Spiritual Capitals of the children. Success can be measured with this TOTAL DEVELOPMENT and such development is the joint responsibility of the school and the parents. Developing the right LIFESTYLE and ATTITUDE in children will help them to overcome any challenges in their life.

    →  Having learn to share and put others first
    →  Take pride in her/his work.
    →  Have cultivated health habits.
    →  Love Myanmar.

    →  Academic Excellence.
    →  Integrity, Truth and Honesty.
    →  Healthy Mind & Body.
    →  Innovation and Creativity.

    About Us

    Brainworks Total International School In Yangon provides students with excellent preparation for their next step in education.
    Brainworks-Total Group of schools are located in the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar. In the Ten years since our founding, Brainworks-Total Group of Schools has expanded to 11 branches with over 2500 very motivated students, and 400 dedicated teachers and staff with ongoing expansion plans. We are an approved Cambridge School as well as holding both “ISO9001 and ISO14001” accreditations 


    • All day
    • Las Vegas, NV 82601, US
    National Parent Involvement Day

    Our School celebrating National Parent Involvement Day on December 3.

    • All day
    • New York, WY 82601, US
    Year 7 Taster Days

    Year 6 pupils are invited to join us for a Taster Day on either Thursday 19th or Sunday 22nd.

    • 8:00 am to 9:00 pm
    • Seattle, IL85976, US
    A social event of Pasta & Prosecco

    The school PTFA would like to invite you to enjoy an evening of Pasta and Prosecco in November.

    • 4:30 pm
    • Napoli, Pizarro 41/22
    Henry Cluster Council

    Discussion and community dialogue with school staff, parents and community members.

    25, Christmas

    Why BrainWorks- Total

    Our program is designed to enhance a student’s self-confidence and encourage independence.
    Physical Movement
    We help students to acquire a better sense of balance, body awareness, coordination, flexibility, strength, cardiovascular conditioning, physical endurance, and stamina.
    A professional wilderness guide with extensive experience in the United States, India, Nepal, and Pakistan has been working with us to expand this program.
    Clubs and Sports
    The clubs take place outside of normal school hours, and all Primary and Secondary students are required to take at least one. Clubs meet once every two weeks.

    Admissions Process

    Admission to Brainworks – TOTAL Learning Academy Family of schools is highly competitive. Strict admission guidelines are adhered to. Admission is based upon age requirements, recommendations, and placement testing. New admissions to the school occur in May and June through placement testing. Late admissions are considered only under exceptional circumstances. most often in the case of new arrivals to the country and/or the city.
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